About us

Makalin Clinic
We are the cosmetic dermatology clinic which provides you the laser surgery,
all types of skin diseases treatment and any suggestions from our experienced doctors.


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ฆสพ.นบ ๘๐/๒๕๖๒

ฆสพ.นบ ๘๒/๒๕๖๒

Removing pimples, melasma, freckles, seborrheic keratitises, hories, alopecia,
dandruff, baldness, wrinkles, tattooes, scars from acnes and Chickenpox, marks, moles, spots, sweat gland tumors, cysts, warts. In addition, we can remove hair permanently and cure other skin problems.

Our products are qualify and have been approved that they are safe, not irritated and not consist of perfume

What would you receive?
You will feel confidence since our products are all effective plus our doctor are well experienced.

Laser surgery
We, Makalin Clinic, is experienced in doing laser surgery by using the best and guaranteed tools

Our motto is to keep good relation with our customers. We take your questions as our high responsibility. If you have some, please contact us via phone,
fax and e-mail.

At present, there are 14 braches of the clinic; at Banglumpoo, Central World, Bangkhunnon and Trang. They are all use the same standard so you can go and get the treatment wherever you want.

22-24-26 Prasumain Road, Chnasongkram Distric, Pranakorn Area, Bangkok 10200
Tel. 02-281-1597, 02-281- 9540, 02-282-1279, 02-282-9525
Fax 02-629-4613
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Central World
Address : Room B 505/2 Central World
999/ 9 Pharam 1 Rd, Phatumwan Bangkok 10330
Tel. 02-6131536-8
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292/33 Soi Jarunsanitwong 32 (or Soi Watprasuwannaram)
Tel. 02-435-5122,02-424-1815
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Trang (Trangchata Polyclinic)
20-22 Huaiyod Road, Muang Distric, Trang, 92000
Tel. 075-218-060
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175 Rodfai2 Road, Tambon Tharue, Thamaka District, Kanjanaburi, 71130
Tel. 034-561-896
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