Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis (White freckles) treatment
IGH is a skin condition which consists of white spots of about 3 mm. - 1 cm. diameter, scattered in sun-exposed areas of skin, especially on arms, neck and chest. People have been confused IGH with ringworm.

IGH is considered as a heritable skin disorder which randomly developed on the sun-exposed area. In fact, the development of having IGH is similar to having gray-hair that is the skin cells in the specific area are still alive. However, they stop producing melanin, thus, the white spots are appeared.

Nowadays, IGH could be treated by using CRYOTHERAPY; cool laser of about -400 c, pulsed on the area. Coolness will get rid of the non-working melanin so that the normal cells could come in charge. White spots will gradually disappear within 2-3 months. In order to prevent the recurrence, the patient should apply sunscreen on treated area regularly.

Dark lips treatment
Dark lips is a popular problem found in both men and women. There are various reasons for lips to get dark such as smoking, heredity or cosmetic. Wearing lipstick that reacted to sunlight is an example. Allergy to some kinds of medicine is also a factor since it can burn your lips and make them darker.

Nowadays, Copper Brominde laser is the best treatment for this particular problem. When the laser pulsing the lips, the patient may feel a little bit hot, but it will leave no scabs on your lips. Furthermore, your lips will come red faster, if apply recommended cream. For maintaining the red lips, you should avoid wearing lipsticks directly on your lips; prime the lips with some foundation or lip balm first. Also avoid taking drug that you are allergic to.

Smooth Beam treatment
Wrinkles and dark patches around eyes occur with people who keep rubbing their eyes hardly. In the past, we could not find an effective solution for this problem. Although injecting Botox was believed that it might help, it was permitted because the skin around the eyes is so delicate. Now “Smooth Beam” laser, the newest solution, can renewal wrinkles in that delicate area.

Melasma chest treatment
Melasma occurs much more often in women than in men; especially women who are over 35. Melasma chest; the triangle shaped red brownish patch about a palm, normally found in the middle area of the upper chest. This kind of melasma happened because of the expansion of blood vessels under the epidermis so that the patient can see it clearly. It will be faded if pressing. The melasma is the big trouble for women since it prevented them from wearing topless.

Melasma chest can be treated by using Pulse Dye Laser; it is work effectively with Strawberry birthmark, capillary disorder, which will minimize the expansion without leaving any scars on the skin. This treatment is the best solution for those who getting bored of wearing foundation or powder on the melasma every time they want to wear beautiful dress.

pores with GTY (Gentle Yag Laser)
The enlarged pores is a trouble mostly found in people who have been rubbing or scrubbing their faces regularly; consequently, pores are getting larger and larger. The enlarged pores could be found on nose, cheeks or on the entire face. The way to minimize pores is to treat that area with Gentle Yag Laser.

The laser will stimulate the new production of collagen around pores then pores will gradually get smaller. It may take a few months to notice the result. The Gentle Yag Laser could be done without using any anesthetic. During the process, the patient might feel a little bit hot at the treated area. After that about 15-20 minutes, redish might have seen.

The patient can clean his/ her face, wear cosmetic as usual. Apart from the treatment, applying vitamin C on face at night is a way to minimize pores. By the way, the best solution for enlarged pores is to change your routine; washing face, applying lotion, drying face, you must do it as gently as you can.

Freckles treatment
Freckle is one of the popular skin problems found in Asian (the main factor is heredity), but not serious as one found in European. There are many types of freckles such as Senile lentigine, Solar lentigine, Dermal lentigine or Seborrhoeic Keratoses.

Now laser treatment helps solve the freckles problem much easier than Electric cautery treatment since it can diminish them; furthermore, leave no scars on your skin. After the process about 3-5 days, scabs might have seen on the treated area, but they will gradually fall off. In addition, laser treatment can completely prevent freckle recurrence; in contrast, patients can be freckled again if using TCA acid.

Generally, the laser could diminish about 70%-80% of freckles in about 2-3 treatment except if the patient has dermal lentigine which have to receive 4-6 treatment for about 4 weeks.

Pimple treatment
Pimple would be a serious problem for someone. This uncured problem causes unconfident personality. Pimple is the result of pores get clogged up with sebum and get infected over and over again if patient keeps staying u late, being under stress and is in menstrual period.

The laser treatment helps melting the clogged sebum so that comodone can come out easily, and your skin will recover quickly either. The more pimples keep infect, the more scars have been left on your skin. However, with this treatment, scars could be erased. This treatment consume only 1 month which is different from the old one. (use up to 4 months)

Blackhead treatment
Blackheaded pimple, seemingly seen as blackish plug, could be found on nose, between browns, chin and cheek. It is caused by the over activity of the oil producing glands. The excess oil collects in the pores of the skin and hardens into a plug. Blackhead could be treated by laser. Don’t pick or squeeze them since there will irritate your skin and activate the recurrence. After receiving laser treatment, redish might have seen for 15-20 minutes, but see no scars. In order to completely get rid of blackhead, 2-3 treatments are needed.